Poetry by Jeff Green


Just today

by cricketjeff on October 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sunshine fell softly to waken the world
October exploding in Autumn’s embrace
The leaves looked amazed and remained quite uncurled
The weather was wearing her best Summer face

We froze half the summer and drowned for the rest
But now we are basking in sunshine galore
In England you find that the seasons are blessed
With one or two days that you just dreamt before

I walked out in London and whistled a tune
In warmth I’d expected in August or so
And now I am looking at just half the moon
As London’s night sky boasts a delicate show

I won’t count my chickens and go without coat
But if I am lucky tomorrow my bring
A day filled with beauty and scenes I can quote
An Autumn surprise that will make my soul sing