Poetry by Jeff Green


They kissed

by cricketjeff on October 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Black and  White picture of couple kissing passionately

She wasn’t looking out for love, but then she saw his jeans
    Stretched tight across the spot that drew her eyes
He wasn’t ready to commit until he saw the means
    To get a closer look at lovely thighs
They met they talked of this and that of all the friends they missed
And then that summer by the sea they kissed and kissed and kissed

Her hair fell down between the boards her hands fell on his hips
    While he fell hard and fast beneath her spell
He lost, she lost, they lost control, they lost themselves in lips
    They wrote the tale that they both love to tell
The years, the lives, the summer days have passed but are not missed
For every day since first they met they’ve kissed and kissed and kissed

They knew they’d part at summer’s end when each would travel home
    Instead they stayed and summer left instead
They found that lips and thighs and hips had quelled the need to roam
    They stayed and made the plans of how they’d wed
So long ago it seemed a dream, their families were missed
But better than the lives they left they kissed and kissed and kissed

It would not last, her Father said, his Mother said the same
    But now two families are joined as one
The summer love that grew and grew became the only game
    And both of them were playing it for fun
For thirty years they’ve lived and loved and nothing much is missed
His Mum, her Dad met at the Church, and kissed and kissed and kissed…

Author notes

Sorry rather wandered off the contest theme here!

But it sort of write itself