Poetry by Jeff Green


True love

by cricketjeff on October 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Never ask for your love to give up all her friends
You must see jealousy has no part in this life
Always love who she is not the way she pretends
Real love does not ask for a  slave as a wife

When you give of yourself to your love you will grow
And you’ll find happiness in the smile on her face
There will be a reward in the form of a glow
When you know selfishness has to be out of place

All the time that you give to the truth of your heart
Will be paid back in kind if her love does not lie
There is nothing more sure to tear people apart
Than demanding a part of your partner must die

All of you must be there in the life that you share
When true love’s in the air nothing else can compare

Author notes

A sonnet, of sorts. dodecasyllabic tetrameter with a Shakespearean rhyme scheme.

Real at the start of line four is pronounced re-al here.