Poetry by Jeff Green


Telling the time

by cricketjeff on October 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I kissed goodnight to yesterday
Tomorrow’s not arrived
So in between is where I’ll stay
While time has ducked and dived

I’m halfway there to evermore
Where happiness resides
When deep and dark knocks on the door
The future runs and hides

Before we get to nothing left
I’ll stop the train and go
Though that would leave me quite bereft
Without a you to show

I’m so confused about the time
The date is up the spout
If now is all the time to rhyme
I’ll never find it out

It’s half past time I was not here
It’s ten to fast asleep
Now everything’s becoming clear
Though dark and far too deep

My heart’s adrift in never was
But soon it will be true
And all this musing is because
I’m full of love for you

So I shall dream and understand
The way that time is turned
And walk beside you hand in hand
In all the hope I’ve earned

When now is then and it’s today
I’ll know just what is right
Until such time as I’m OK
I’ll say, my love, goodnight.