Poetry by Jeff Green


Earth shattering!

by cricketjeff on October 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Making love in the shade of the old willow tree
By the edge of the lake down by Donaldson’s pier
The shout in your voice was of joy, not for me
A new sort of magic is suddenly near

The sky was alight with a streak of pure fire
A trail that’s ablaze turning night into day
Though lost in the throws of my greatest desire
A marvel of nature now stood in my way

The fireball exploded the world seemed to end
You pulled me much closer excited and fresh
A marvellous moment when two seemed to blend
The wonders of space and the needs of the flesh

A signal most surely the gods must approve
Much better by far than just making Earth move

Author notes

If anyone cares it’s an 11/12 syllable tetrameter sonnet with a Shakesperean rhyme scheme.