Poetry by Jeff Green


Not Seeing

by cricketjeff on October 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I close my eyes and all I see is dark
I never see a picture in my mind
Some others see a walk across the park
Or something lost they truly want to find

I close my eyes and all the pictures cease
But listen to the sounds from all around
The chattering that occupies the peace
The sounds of all the things I’ve ever found

I close my eyes to shut out all I see
For then my world is all that I can hear
Is this really only true for me?
Do others see another world that’s clear?

I close my eyes and live another life
But do not miss the sights you people know
My daydreams fill with happiness and strife
But never with a moving picture show

I close my eyes and live inside my dream
I know the way the things I dream must look
It’s not as odd as maybe it may seem
I see my life like reading from a book

So I can’t write about the things I see
Your prompt is not the way things are for me