Poetry by Jeff Green


A little house in the snow

by cricketjeff on October 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The snows that fell that winter were the worst for many years
And icy winds soon whipped each breath away
But brandy by the fireside was the answer to her fears
Because the man she loved had come to stay

The trees were dark and leafless and the river hard as stone
Each day they went together for the wood
When winter’s at its harshest you don’t want to be alone
And brandy with a lover’s always good

Each night the snow grew deeper and their love grew deeper still
Inside the tiny house beneath the trees
They lived within their loving and of loving took their fill
Each winter night she whispered to him “please”

In spring the two were married and they lived and loved the same
The little house soon grew another room
The love they felt all winter was the love they held to blame
As through the summer months she had to bloom

Next winter there were three of them so snug around the fire
And brandy kept the lovers at their play
When baby went to bed each night they gave in to desire
I’m pretty sure another’s on the way