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Love scenes

by cricketjeff on October 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On a hill far away there are eagles in flight
Where the trees stagger up to the snow
Where the sun fills the sky till the start of the night
And it’s there that I so want to go

In the woods we could walk where the bears sometimes play
And I’d whisper sweet things in your ears
You would stop and then turn and your kisses would say
That there’ll soon be an end to my fears

On a beach far away there are waves making sport
And the sand is still warm to the touch
On that beach is the place where love lessons are taught
And it’s there that I’d love you so much

In a dream that’s tonight and the same every night
There is love and romancing for two
In my heart I can say that I know I am right
That these scenes cannot be without you