Poetry by Jeff Green


A day in the life

by cricketjeff on October 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every night as I lie sleeping, safe in bed and snug and warm,
All my mind is filled with dreaming of the wonders you perform.
Then the morning, filled with birdsong and the hope of silver light,
Proves to me that all was truthful in the dreams that filled my night.
Off to work and on the journey time to sit and write of you;
Doesn’t matter what the weather this is all I want to do.
Then the walk past busy junctions, many hundred cars stream past
‘Til a peaceful patch of parkland lets me think of you at last.
Find the building and the office hang my coat and greet the rest.
What to do and who to talk to? Can I pass the day’s first test?
Make a tea then find the laptop, plug it in and sit and wait.
Now it’s booted time for working put you down, the part I hate.
When I’m lunching you are with me choosing food and pinching mine;
Meet with colleagues in the pub and drink a glass of beer or wine.
Afternoons may fill with meetings new ideas flow through the air.
Back to desk to fix a problem, read my mail from everywhere.
Half past five arrives at six-ish packing up and heading out;
Down the road to find the bus stop, late and full I have no doubt.
Back at home for food and suchlike then it’s time to sit and read
Final thoughts may make a poem, write them down fulfill my need.
Run a bath and get quite comfy, wash my hair and breathe in steam.
Feeling drowsy, nothing new here, once again it’s time to dream!