Poetry by Jeff Green


After midnight

by cricketjeff on October 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just a heartbeat after midnight and I’m lying in my bed
With the ghosts of all my dreaming slowly running through my head
With a single shaft of moonlight shining down upon the floor
There are moments touched with madness when I want to love you more
After dark and after thinking as I sit and count the hours
I am lost in contemplation of a single vase of flowers
Every petal had its moment when it felt the touch of sun
And I’m dreaming that the blessing can be felt by every one
As I’m falling into dreaming there’s a smile around my lips
For my dreams are touched with madness and I’m lost within their grips
In my dreams my life is different and in dreams I’m next to you
Just a heartbeat after midnight now I know what I must do