Poetry by Jeff Green


Intimate conversations

by cricketjeff on October 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

First I kissed you on the lips and said “good morning”.
Then you danced away from me and twirled around,
Next you raised your hand to issue me a warning
As you spoke to me but never made a sound.

With a wink and with a wiggle I was willing,
As you shimmied and you shook you made me stare.
Every moment of your dance was hot and thrilling
And I wanted to be with you, over there.

There was nothing I could ask from any dancer;
That would make her half the dancer that I saw.
You were suddenly a mystical entrancer
And then you went and toyed with me some more.

You came closer, ever closer, in your teasing
And the clothes you wore were falling to the side.
When you got to me you carried on the pleasing
And I took my chance and carried you inside.

As we laid together happy in our passion,
Still this morning you had uttered, not a word.
We were talking in a very sensual fashion
And I swear that every phrase was clearly heard.

From the garden to the very heights of Eden
We were playing out an Earthly paradise.
With a smile I saw you once again were pleaden’
So we danced this little dance another twice.