Poetry by Jeff Green


Dancing the life away

by cricketjeff on October 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My sweetest dreams re-echoed in her soft sweet sarabande
The music of her heartstrings made me sigh
Every movement was seductive and I came to understand
That her face would always occupy my eye
There were notes no man can manage in the song she sang to me
As she danced to win my passion with her steps so wild and free

Then an urgent tarantella seemed to wash away the mood
While her feet were almost lost inside a blur
Like a starving man abandoned in a warehouse full of food
I gorged myself and filled my eyes with her
There was passion unrestricted in the way my sweetheart danced
And I lost my heart in rapture and my senses were entranced

When she started her flamenco I had nothing left to lose
I was lost and in my losing I had won
So she danced across to claim me as the prize that she would choose
And her steps became a testament to fun
Now we dance our lives together making music everywhere
With passion for performance and a love we’ll always share