Poetry by Jeff Green


At last

by cricketjeff on October 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s time to meet, to make complete
The love that we both feel
It will be sweet when we can greet
And make our passions real

I’ll kiss your lips while fingertips
Tease buttons from their holes
Slow movement strips your soft brown hips
While we combine our souls

You’ll breathe desire, to fan my fire
I’ll touch to hear you sigh
Just like a choir our songs conspire
To serenade the sky

Your freckled skin invites me in
To tongue and taste  tonight
Erotic sin that will begin
When everything is right

It’s  time to try to make you fly
Your hand is in my hair
I’ll not deny you please my eye
That leads me everywhere

At last we’ll know if love can grow
And if we’re meant to be
True love will show and we can go
From you and me to we