Poetry by Jeff Green


All she wants

by cricketjeff on October 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When far apart the loving always grows
Though other suitors try to fill the void
She smiles at all the tactics they’ve employed
She only wants a single perfect rose
      “My love”, he said “I hope my passion shows
      You are the only love there’ll ever be
      When I am gone I hope you’ll wait for me
      You are the only single perfect rose”
A delicate aroma meets her nose
Though half asleep she finds that she must cry
She’d only time to open up one eye
The pillow holds a single perfect rose
      When far apart the loving always grows
      He always brings a single perfect rose

Author notes

A new form, I think. I started at a Kyrielle sonnet, but I like my sonnets to finish in a rhymed couplet so I changed the rhyme to a1bbA accA addA a1A. Then I went the whole hog and made it ten syllables, I haven’t thought of a name yet