Poetry by Jeff Green


Rescued by moonlight

by cricketjeff on November 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Rear view of a lady in a beautiful dress gazing at the moon

The castle walls are old and cold and hold me fast inside
        The King will not permit our wedding banns
When we first met I knew that you were not to be denied
        And now I am a part of all your plans
        I’m held against my will but not by you
        I’m waiting for the thrill of what you’ll do

The band of knights who flew to you were braver than the best
        The King will have to worry where they are
The hard stone walls that hold his gold were built for such a test
        But can they stand against your rising star
        The tension in my heart begins to rise
        The battle will unfold before my eyes

The banner of each knight so bright unfurls to ride the breeze
        The King has all his archers at the walls
Defence will stand and I will sigh I’ve lost you with such ease
        As men obey the urgent trumpet calls
        The King was not dismayed he’d have to fight
        He knew his castle proof against a knight

A sorcerer has ways and plays unknown to normal fools
        The Knights are there to hold the regal gaze
Then you appear before my door immune to all the rules
        Your dark green eyes are certain to amaze
        A finger to your lips to still my shout
        And I can see that you will get me out

The moon shines down so bright tonight above the battlefields
        You start to mutter words of hidden power
Stone steps appear from streams of beams the silver moonlight yields
        We walk above the castle for an hour
        The knights below make show of all their arms
        We spring the trap aloft on magic charms

Before the gates so vast at last you stand on steps of light
        Your voice is loud directed at the King
“Illegal power so small shall fall now tremble in your might
        You’ll rant and rail but cannot do a thing
        My powers can only function for the good
        And I’ll restore all freedoms as I should”

The castle walls now quake and shake the moon can hear each word
        She reaches down and plucks away the stones
The soldiers of the King now spring their cause is too absurd
        Their battle cries are turned to frightened moans
        The castle simply melts into the dust
        The King is left unshielded from the just

In ancient times such needs and deeds were met with magic’s shield
      But now we have to face them on our own
The modern man can learn and earn and keep his freedoms steeled
      And should not have to fight for right alone
      The moon brought me my brightly shining knight
      But you must look to other ways to fight

Author notes

The image is

Cry for the Moon – by Khimaereus > at deviantart.com

The poem is composed in iambic sixains with a bit of fun internal rhyming and 7,5,7,5,5,5 beat lines to each stanza.