Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on November 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I was sitting in the garden all alone and feeling sad
I was lost in contemplation of the better times I’ve had
I was dreaming that the future could be turning out not bad
When suddenly the sun began to shine

So I dreamt about perfection and a lover of my own
Then I thought that we’d be happy and I’d never be alone
In my head I found the answer and my heart was surely grown
As suddenly the sun began to shine

When a shadow fell across me I was certain that I knew
That the shadow was an omen and the start of something new
So I held my hands before me and I found that I held you
And suddenly I knew that you were mine

There’s an echo in such dreaming of a shadow of the past
That’s a warning and a promise of a change that’s coming fast
There is nothing that is certain save that love like this will last
And everyday I feel that you are mine

Now the world keeps slowing turning and the busy days rush by
I am lost in admiration of the beauty that’s the sky
I am dreaming that I’m sleeping in the bed where lovers lie
And the feeling of this dreaming is divine

I’m still sitting in the garden all alone and feeling blue
I’m still dreaming of the promise of the start of love so new
I am waiting till we’re sitting and the world is me and you
I am sitting and I’m dreaming it’s divine.

Author notes

I love triplet rhyming.