Poetry by Jeff Green


In dreams

by cricketjeff on November 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I dream about your happiness at night
And see you in the beauty everywhere
The thought that you love me turns on the light
With every sign of love I walk on air
I swim within the messages you write
And dance to all the love songs that we share
I thought my love had died when I was young
And now new hope of happiness is sprung

I wish you peace and pleasure every day
And see that you are all that I could need
You’re the one that I would walk with all the way
The sustenance on which I want to feed
I rejoice in all the lovely things you say
I wallow in each new and loving deed
I thought that I was stuck with what I had
But now I see the future and I’m glad

When we are left alone there’s only one
There can’t be any need to call us two
The thought that I’m in love is all the fun
And better now I know the thought is true
I dream a new existence has begun
When I am only half of me and you
A life without a love is not for me
My dreams each night and day have set me free

Author notes

An Ottava Rima, ancient Italian verse form rhymed abababcc, not as old as the Sonnet (seems to have originated with Ariosto in about 1500) but then how many verse forms are!

Traditionally in Iambic pentameter, (or four iambs and an amphibrach to accommodate a feminine rhyme).