Poetry by Jeff Green


Beach Party

by cricketjeff on November 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s Earth to Jim, he’s easy to spot
His two heads mark him out
Both small and green and talking a lot
(Well one was inclined to shout)

The crowd around are splitting their sides
They can’t believe a word
The tales he tells of where he resides
Are really quite absurd

We’re on the beach where brandy’s in flow
The tide is on the turn
It’s late at night but no-one will go
There’s much to much to learn

Amera’s next her army of Elves
Are left outside the gate
They shouldn’t be here (invited themselves)
And anyway they’re late

The Queen herself is hitting the drink
And signing books in rhyme
She’s on the prowl and tipping the wink
To Mairi all the time

We’re by the sea and drinking a bit
The breeze is rather warm
The neighbours will be having a fit
As soon as I perform

There’s Mairi bheag she’s playing the spoons
And quoting Celtic verse
The way she’s scoffing the macaroons
She’ll soon be feeling worse

She’s on the way to see N’awlins
But couldn’t miss this do
She’s pleased to see the other “call-ins”
But’s waiting here for you

We’re winding down the evening’s done
And Lane is saying “bye”
It’s been a blast we’ve all had fun
But now we have to fly!

Author notes

I’m only allowed three!!! No fair !