Poetry by Jeff Green


Love is…

by cricketjeff on October 13, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s nothing like the same as lust
More about trust than basic thrust
It’s also not infatuation
Nor emotional strangulation

It’s not about the things you lose
But more about the life you choose
It boosts you up when you feel low
It’s everything you want to know

It wraps you up in cotton wool
Makes your heart feel very full
A sudden smile when you’re alone
A certain thrill if you hear the phone

It brings the sun up every day
It will keep you working without pay
It’s everything you need to live
It’s a perfect reason to forgive

It can’t be bought it can’t be planned
It’s something you can’t understand
It can lead to pain or joy or strife
In fact you could say
                    It is life!