Poetry by Jeff Green


The night of the dead

by cricketjeff on November 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The single stone stands strong and tall
The hill is bleak and bare
The worshippers seem weak and small
The dead are every where
      And on this night the dead may walk
      And guide the lives of men
      And all the elders come to talk
      And meet the ghosts again
The worshippers now start to dance
The dance to raise the dead
The priestess falls into her trance
The bride will soon be wed
      And on this night the year will end
      And then begin anew
      And every ghost will find a friend
      And one is there for you
The wisdom of these ancient souls
The peace of life and death
The time to seek the new year’s goals
The peace to draw a breath
      And still the ancient world’s alive
      And rules the modern world
      And all of us can only strive
      And keep our banners furled
The walking dead return to Earth
The world can now renew
The powers of nature show their worth
The world is there for you

Author notes


In tribute to the Season and especially the observance of:
All Hallows Eve
All Saints’ Eve
Hallowed End