Poetry by Jeff Green


All I want

by cricketjeff on November 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want your silken skin to wake my longing lips tonight
I want to know the secrets of your bed
I want to taste your treasures as our pleasures hold you tight
I want to be the dreams inside your head
I dream that I am with you and in dreams I want to stay
Locked in your arms and in your eyes I want to start each day

I want to walk beside you in the country or your town
I want to be a colleague where you work
I want to keep you smiling and to kiss away each frown
I want to love the places where you lurk
I know that I am dreaming when I find you want me too
But sometimes we may wake to find that all our dreams came true

I want to read your writing and to live inside your mind
I want to hear the things you have to say
I want to be the lover that your body needs to find
I want to say I’ll never go away
I crave your touch and tender words you’re everything to me
And naked in your arms tonight is where I want to be

Author notes

I’m still working on this one