Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on November 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

They’re sat inside a cardboard box, two denizens of space
    And shooting through the stars without a fear
Though certainly not old enough for whiskers on the face
    The crucial nature of their trip is clear
They’ve fought against the fiercest foes since lunch and now it’s three
There’s just the time to shoot the moon and then head home for tea

The captain of this mighty ship has ray guns in his hands
      (Well something made from Lego yesterday)
They’re speaking in a language that no human understands
      But many hundred fighting ships obey
The skies tonight are clear and bright and safe to travel through
The spacemen in their cardboard box have done it all for you

Another day the cardboard box appears to be a train
      The fireman shovelling coal for all he’s worth
They have to reach the station through the wind and driving rain
      Their passenger’s the president of Earth
They are brave and they are fearless and I’m sure that you can see
They’ve just the time to do the job and still get home for tea

The bridge is down, they’re thinking fast, they have a submarine
      The President (a teddy bear) is pleased
While one of them runs to the loo his colleague’s turned bright green
      A tube of poster paint is being squeezed
It’s much the same as yesterday there’s deeds that they must do
Though all of them are difficult they’ll do each one for you

It can be fun to be a Dad and watch your kids at play
      That cardboard box was hard to carry home
It held a printing press but then was only in the way
      And filled with lots of spongy bits of foam
But now it’s not a piece of trash, it’s everything and more
When you are small a cardboard box is well worth fighting for!

Author notes

Not a specific memory, a merging of many.

As requested by contest host marshmellow feathers