Poetry by Jeff Green


Investment opportunities

by cricketjeff on November 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The boldest investors invest in suggesters
              of things that can lighten the load,
Ideas for protesters and pretty divesters
              and men who dig holes in the road.
Make  placards more gripping and clothes self unzipping,
              a shovel that also brews tea.
Will have such men tripping and quickly unshipping
              their money to madmen, like me.
I built a green rocket, and Tesco’s may stock it,
              that’s powered by soup and old eggs;
Not tried it? Don’t knock it, vibrations may shock it
              and then it would fall off its legs!
A horse-powered small jet plane, safe guns for the insane,
              a patent and then make a pitch.
Hairdos that reject rain, new wheels for an old train,
              there’s someone whose pockets will itch.
My newest invention to grab the attention,
                a new sort of bookshelf for cars.
A late intervention has change the intention
                they now carry Oscars for stars.
My minds always thinking, except when I’m drinking
                you know that I’ll crack it in time
Economies sinking but quicker than winking
                you’ll cash in with help from this rhyme
Don’t think it is funny, just send me your money
                There’s profit in armchairs for tanks
I’ve condoms for bunny and soup that’s not runny
                  I’m safer, by far, than the banks!!!

Author notes

You know it makes sense!