Poetry by Jeff Green


She’s BACK!!!

by cricketjeff on October 13, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My friend Liz has a brand new man
She thinks of him whenever she can
He’s six foot four and sixteen stone
A solid pack of muscle and bone!

Liz and Leo what a team
Whenever they touch there’s lots of steam
She’s four foot five inch deep in love
They fit together like hand in glove

They both have fun wherever they go
But that they’re together you can’t help know
He’s six foot four of solid oak
And he’s bloody glad that he’s her bloke

A perfect match in every way
With a load of fun and a lot of play
She’s five stone ten of animal lust
He does what he’s told with perfect trust

When they go dancing – what a site
A mixture of grace and dynamite
He’s sixteen stone and light as a feather
When he and Liz are seen together

I’ve just seen them down the road
Deep in love and BOY it showed
Four feet five and six foot four
I don’t think she/he could love him/her more

If you should see them you’re sure to know
That they’ve a love that’s bound to grow
Five stone ten and sixteen stone
Don’t you wish you had a Liz/Leo of your own!

Author notes

You have to choose which word to say when they are separated by a /.

Leo read her poem, and wanted to date one of the commenters, but then he met Liz and WOW!