Poetry by Jeff Green


Under Starry Skies

by cricketjeff on November 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The garden’s filled with roses and their scent is in the air
      As we sit together under starry skies
There is music in the moment and there’s passion everywhere
      And I look for all my future in your eyes
Feel your fingers on my shoulders and your breath upon my cheek
      See a smile that’s soft and gentle on your face
There’s a movement slow and subtle of your lips, but not to speak
      As you kiss me and I know the flow of grace
Silver light that rains like snowflakes from the moon who smiles at ease
      Makes your hair appear to shine like fairy gold
As we kiss and we canoodle in the cooling evening breeze
      There’s a magic in the mysteries we hold
I am lost in fond elation as you show me that you care
        While the moonlight slides around you like a stole
We have found ourselves together in the fairytale we share
        And we each have found fulfillment in our role
There are lovebirds in the garden there are fairies in your heart
        There is devilry afoot inside your head
So we stand and walk together for we’ll never be apart
        And your voice assaults my senses saying “bed”


Author notes

The title changed now contest has ended