Poetry by Jeff Green


The unhappy Snaggleduff

by cricketjeff on November 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Bondnecray the rain is wet
Which causes Snaggle much regret
He cannot get the boofball out
Or else he’ll hear his mother shout
“If you go out of doors to play
You’ll catch your death of snort-and-spray”

He tries to watch the bogglescreen
There’s nothing on he hasn’t seen
His brother has the flooping chord
And frankly Snaggleduff is bored
The rain is splooping on the shed
Or else he’d go to visit Fred

He grumps and strumps and skrools around
Gets cross at all the toys he’s found
It’s hardly fair he mutters low
This awful sprinkling has to go
The garden looks quite like a lake
An inkling quickly starts to take

He fetches wood and lots of nails
A ball of string and four old pails
With banging crashing bodging sounds
He shapes these treasures into mounds
And when the clouds are squeezed quite dry
He takes his splodgeboat for a try

With oars and sail the boats a snorter
It hooflesprings across the water
The sun is out it’s fine to play
A perfect day in Bondnecray
But Snaggles in a grump again
His splodgeboat needs a lot more rain!!!