Poetry by Jeff Green


The bridge of dreams

by cricketjeff on November 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A dreamlike scene where a bridge appears inside the clouds and turns into sailing ships

Each night inside a dream you walk with me
To lands where past and future fade away
Where everything is lost in just one day
The clouds have built a bridge across the sea

I learned to live a dream so we could be
The walkers on that road to everywhere
A perfect life that lovers seldom share
The clouds now carry us across the sea

With head upon the pillow I am free
To hold you as my own for evermore
We’ll be together on that distant shore
The clouds have built a ship to cross the sea

Each night inside a dream you walk with me
Upon the bridge of ships that’s crossed the sea

Author notes

An “echo sonnet”

A form I adapted from the kyrielle sonnet altering the rhyme scheme to an envelope rhyme within each stanza moving to ten syllable (IP ideally) lines each stanza finishes with the same line, or as in this case with a modified version of the same line ending at the same rhyming word, the first line, as with the kyrielle sonnet is also the thirteenth.