Poetry by Jeff Green


Looking both ways

by cricketjeff on November 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Beside yourself to see what lies beside
Go down the road that goes where you would go
Decide what you are trying to decide
No more important fact for you to know
Inside the truth that you have found inside
Show all of us that you can make a show
I cannot see inside your searching eye
Why can’t I seem to find the answer why

Do all the deeds you thought you could not do
Find all the love you thought you could not find
You hid the past that made you into you
Behind the heavy load you left behind
New life with me was all you thought you knew
Mind numbing pain was taken from your mind
Cry loud to warn me not to make you cry
Try hard to see that I can only try

Author notes

A Shadow Ottava Rima

Eight ten syllable lines (eleven syllables if you use a feminine rhyme) rhymed abababcc, the Shadow element borrowed from Amera’s shadow sonnets is the use of homophones at each end of each line.