Poetry by Jeff Green


Monty Memories

by cricketjeff on November 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The North face of the Kilburn Road
Has never once been climbed
So we attacked the motherload
Equipment fully primed

The Post-office was by base camp
A bus stop belay point
We jammed out to the first street lamp
Our nerves by now disjoint

The final push past Smiths and Boots
Avoided all the feet
Of men in jeans or business suits
Who walk, not climb, the Street.

The men who’re walking by us
Don’t move with even grace
It seems they’re there to try us
To keep a civil face

With loopy swirls of shinsquawks
A hop and then a skip
The Ministry of Silly Walks
Is really rather hip

The Spanish Inquisition
Are passing at a jog
Fred Gumby’s in position
For falling off a log

The Lumberjack who felled it
In bra and spiky heels
Has seriously repelled it
We all know how he feels

And just as it is ending
A giant foot comes down
Alas it’s well past mending
And Python’s out of town

Author notes

Well is it a goer? eh? eh? eh?

know what I mean eh? eh? eh?