Poetry by Jeff Green


All that chaos!!!

by cricketjeff on November 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Not everyone could bear the stinks
Or put up with the loads of poo
You get when living with a lynx
The way you do

Perhaps a baby crocodile
Or alligator I don’t know
Would be the thing to make you smile
You’d help him grow

A polar bear may be too much
And needs an awful lot of ice
You cannot keep him in a hutch
He’d say not nice

A cougar keeps some folk away
But only eats a few I bet
And only then in sense of play
So don’t regret

Or how about the little punk
Jet black except where he is white
I think they call that one a skunk
Are they alright?

The coatimundi’s smiling face
Belies a rascal hid within
He’s often seen around the place
He’s up to sin

A serval next we chance to see
A lovely spotty feline friend
I wonder if she’d do for me
I shall pretend

A sloth is hanging upside down
He doesn’t run around a lot
A coat of rather greenish brown
Is what he’s got

The ferrets seem to be in charge
They run about and look for fun
You never know who’ll be at large
When day is done

A kinkajou a load of snakes
A fennec fox with rabbit’s ears
I wonder if you’ve made mistakes
Across the years

And mated wallabies with rats
Then never caught the young they made
Or got an unknown breed of cat
When others played

I can’t believe that Paloszoo
Can live with all this lot around
But they it seems are part of you
The life you’ve found!

Author notes

Paloszoo is an AP poet and writer and keeper of an amazing zoo.