Poetry by Jeff Green


The great question

by cricketjeff on November 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s mutual exclusivity, you may not know the two
The answer and the question have to clash
If ever there’s an answer and the question that won’t do
For then philosophers can’t earn their cash
You’ll search across the universe three times as long as time
But never find the answer in this crazy pantomime

The Earth was built to calculate the answer to the quiz
And then blown up by Vogons from the sky
The little mice who owned it said that really is a swizz
And some of them decided they should cry
But Arthur wouldn’t give his brain and so the answer’s lost
Which may be just as well when you are told about the cost

If forty two starts making sense then all of this will stop
The house of cards will tumble round our ears
The galaxy will seem to be a massive stellar flop
And life will end for all of us in tears
The universe we live in now would have to be replaced
And something crazier than this is too much to be faced

The only one who’ll ever know the answer to it all
Has perished with the diodes down his side
Now Marvin has been taken off to meet the great recall
There’s no-one else whose ever really tried
The only clue we know is left is God’s apology
And Marvin chose to pick that sight, the last thing that he’d see

Author notes

Hey, you sass that hoopy cricketjeff? There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is. “

I hope you can recognise all the references
Some of them are from the fourth and fifth parts of the trilogy …