Poetry by Jeff Green


Wine Tasting

by cricketjeff on November 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the cellar of the Chateau we drank wine by candlelight
In the dream we lived together long ago
In the romance all around us we found something in the night
And made love to one another down below
As we tasted ancient vintage we declared we’d found the best
In the arms of modern lovers we were lost to all the rest

With the taste that came from Bacchus still alive around your tongue
And the musky scent of love to drive me on
Though the wine was old and crusty we were glad that we were young
In the cellars of the Chateau near Lyon
As my fingers went exploring and your sighs were joined with mine
I was happily ignoring all the subtleties of wine

As the candles lowly flicked you were drinking from the cask
And the bottles all around us seemed to know
I was lost in contemplation of your self appointed task
And the pleasure on my cheeks was bound to show
At a tasting in a Chateau for the wine from all around
It was love and not the vintage we were glad that we had found

On my lips I took a sample of the finest known to man
As my tongue took time to taste a sweet young thing
When you visit for a tasting you take all the tips you can
And rejoice in all the pleasures that will bring
We were sober when we parted and I know we walked on air
Though we left with several bottles and we thanked the host with care

Now I look across the table deep inside your sparkling eyes
And the candle in between us casts its light
I can see the look of pleasure that you never can disguise
As a taste of wine has brought you back that night
We’re at home not in a Chateau but the wine was strong and red
I blow out the single candle and I take my love to bed