Poetry by Jeff Green


Meeting manners

by cricketjeff on November 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I never fall asleep in class
I never go to school
I knew such times but let them pass
I’ve aged as is the rule
But though I’m not as young as you
Some things remain the same
A daytime nap is nothing new
There’s no-one else to blame
I fall asleep in meetings
I do it all the time
I listen to the bleatings
Is snoring such a crime?

I fall asleep in baths most days
Where else do people sleep?
That I don’t drown may yet amaze
I keep them not too deep
I sometimes nod off on the train
I’ve not yet missed the stop
To stay away is quite a strain
I’d say that I’m a flop
I always sleep in meetings
It’s just the thing I do
Can’t stay awake through bleatings
From people just like you

I better finish writing this
Because I’m in my chair
And dozing here is perfect bliss
Much better than elsewhere
So why is it I go to bed
And cannot sleep a wink
I must be going off my head
I think I’ll turn to drink
So what! I sleep in meetings!
Why should you make a fuss
It’s all your dreadful bleatings
That bores the pants off us!!!!