Poetry by Jeff Green


For Georgie and Shane, or Shane and Georgie

by cricketjeff on November 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He’s stuck inside and far from Georgie’s care
And she’s alone and wants to be with Shane
The winds of life may blow them everywhere
But they will be together once again

She wants his love and someone to admire
And he wants her the reason should be clear!
When he gets out there’s gonna be a fire
They’ll burn the pants off anyone too near!

And now they’re tied the way they ought to be
For he’s with her and she has got her bloke
There’s things that you can do when you are free
The seem to those locked up a distant joke

So here’s to Shane and here’s to Georgie too
The Bloody best of times to both you two!

Author notes

Shane and Georgie are reunited, and a little bit pleased!!!