Poetry by Jeff Green


The Proposal Waltz

by cricketjeff on November 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Round the house, you play Strauss, so you dance every chance that you get
In his grip you may dip to the bliss of his kiss no regret
Every tune makes you swoon as you twirl like a girl lost in love
Dance on air without care in your streams of sweet dreams high above
Music’s loud step out proud past the door cross the floor over here
At the top you don’t stop put you dip at the hip when he’s near
In my head you are lead by my hand past the band as they play
Maybe we could just see how it goes no-one knows one fine day
Dancing Queen I have seen how you move I approve you’re divine
Music’s end as you bend may my day please just say you’ll be mine

Author notes

Just a bit of fun with rhyme and meter