Poetry by Jeff Green


The time of year

by cricketjeff on November 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The time of year when children dream of love and games and toys
      And Santa knows he’ll have a lot to do
For teenagers it’s party time and dreams of girls and boys
      For me another time to think of you
The snow may fall and days grow short but all that’s on my mind
Is how can I be sure that you will not leave me behind

The noses pressed to window panes to see the Christmas treats
      The decorations flash for all to see
The shyest boy has saved for weeks  to buy a girl some sweets
      But you are all I want to give to me
The air may freeze as mothers shop but all I want to know
Is how can I convey to you the way my love can grow

There’s beauty in the Christmas tree, and in the food to share
      The children gaze in awe and want it all
The youngsters see the beauty in the love that’s in the air
      I think of you and know I’m bound to fall
On Christmas day and every day I want to be with you
The time of year can’t matter much when all your love is true