Poetry by Jeff Green


The way things are

by cricketjeff on November 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wonder why it makes some people fume
When Occam’s Razor cuts them down to size
It’s quite a silly thing if you assume
Complexity’s the answer to your whys

Copernicus observed the simple fact
That Jupiter and Mars went to and fro
To make their motion smooth a simple act
The geocentric system had to go

It’s obvious to all, except a few
You look at what you see then simplify
Instinctively young children know its true
The complex tale just has to be the lie

A fabulous invention may be fun
But isn’t going to be how life was spun

Simplicity will always be your friend
If you’ve a mind to find the ways things go
Just look at facts not lots of lets pretend
It’s all about the things that you can know

You postulate a theory in your head
What it predicts you test against the facts
You cut out all the rubbish that you’ve said
And take away the story that distracts

If you were right what’s left is near the truth
And other minds will build on what you found
What seemed to be the arrogance of youth
Will then be seen as basic and profound

Until a mind that’s clearer than your own
Reveals a truth beyond what you have shown

Author notes

The scientific method in other words.