Poetry by Jeff Green


For all of us!

by cricketjeff on November 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She was his perfect woman she was all he could desire
A tick in every box on every sheet
He saw no contradictions and his passions were on fire
At last his life would really be complete
Her looks were absolutely right, she loved him every way
And in this state of perfect bliss the two were sure to stay

He was the strong and silent type, he’s just her perfect man
There’s nothing more that he could ever be
His sense of humour was so sharp, he knew of every plan
The man had come to set her spirit free
He’s there whatever she could want support for evermore
A partnership that’s built to last there’s not a single flaw

What could she see in such a nerk, his brains are in his balls
He hasn’t got the sense duck a brick
How could he think that she’s for him, she lives for fashion malls
In point of fact she is extremely thick
The two of them have loads of friends, but do not ask advice
The answer to the puzzle is in love you don’t think twice!

Author notes

Or am I a little over cynical?