Poetry by Jeff Green


I like the way it wiggles as it walks

by cricketjeff on August 23, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a lovely bum
That’s in front of me
And I like the way it wiggles as it walks
There’s a gorgeous rump
That’s in front of me
So expressive that I’m almost sure it talks

I’m sure the girl attached
To the lovely bum
Is as pretty as a pretty girl can be
But since I am behind
And the girl is in the front
Then the lovely bum is all that I can see.

If we were sitting down
Having tea or beer
I may like to hear the way the lady talks
But I’m on the way to work
So I suppose is she
All I can do is look at how she walks

All the PC crowd
Will be sure to say
Don’t look at lovely bottoms in the street
But I’m not built that way
I find I always look
At lady’s legs quite far up from their feet

I can fall in love
With a bum that’s cute
And a wiggle as it moves in front me
So I want to say
A great big “thanks to you”
To the owners of the lovely bums I see

Then there comes a point
When the lovely bum
Isn’t going to go the way that I have to go
So I sigh a sigh
And I look around
For another lovely bottom that’s on show!

Author notes

Unusually for me this is definitely a song, I hear it sung in my head and one day I will write the tune out (will take ages I’m hopeless at writing music) and see who I’ve stolen it from

What was I going for? It’s bouncy, fun, probably a song, it rhymes and scans, overall it’s a poem!