Poetry by Jeff Green


Slave to Shopping

by cricketjeff on December 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Submissive to each clothing store
Obeys her Mastercard
She always wants a little more
She likes her shopping hard
She’s sorry when she sees the bill
The shock may make her feel quite ill
She’s sorry when
She’s sorry when
Her master says he loves her still

Submissive to each jewelry store
She does as she is told
With every visit she will score
A little bit of gold
Her mouth is wide she feels the shame
When master sees she’ll feel the blame
Her mouth is wide
Her mouth is wide
Will he forgive her game?

Submissive to the Christmas sale
No bargain can she spurn
At shopping she will never fail
To spend all she can earn
Her smile is gone not feeling nice
She’s done this more than once or twice
Her smile is gone
Her smile is gone
The time has come to pay the price!

Author notes

Happy Birthday Amera

(In Trijan Refrain Form)