Poetry by Jeff Green


Your help requested

by cricketjeff on December 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Please make your chimneys wider, Santa loves a current bun
A sweet or two, some chocolate and a cake
Some scones and jam are marvellous and cookies always fun
So narrow chimneys are too much to take
Old Rudolf will be checking so get out and stretch that pot
‘Cause Santa doesn’t fit inside the chimneys some have got!

Next year he’s on a diet (or so Mrs Santa says)
Before the sleigh’s too heavy for the flight
Or he’ll have to start delivering in less unusual ways
He’s much too large for work on Christmas night
If you want lots of presents make it easy for our friend
You know he’ll do his very best and get there in the end

Please leave out low fat cookies and some fruit juice not the milk
The carrots are just fine, you needn’t fear
He has to lose a little weight there’s not enough red silk
To make a brand new suit for him each year
So please co-operate with us and Santa will do fine
He doesn’t need so many treats of cookies milk and wine!

Author notes

I’m sorry Santa I know it isn’t true I’m just writing about the picture!