Poetry by Jeff Green


Later tonight

by cricketjeff on October 14, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Held tight within the confines of the cage that he has built.
She relaxes in the knowledge that she has to feel no guilt.
Her eyes held closed, her hands in cuffs, leg stretcher parting knees,
Her nose pinched closed, and ears well plugged, she nothing hears or sees
Sensory deprivation is for her not quite complete
She feels the world around her, all the cold and all the heat
Her panty boy strapped beneath her, his frotteurism clear
Trapped between her bottom cheeks his orgasm is near
Her immobilisation means that only he can drive release
With his lace encumbered penis working tight within her crease
Menage a trois quite literally means household built of three
Not a man dressed in her panties and a master she can’t see
But late tonight she knows that she will scream in pure delight
With her master’s prick inside her, anything she feels is right
He can beat her back until she bleeds, or with wax can seal her arse
She will worship any penis and accept what comes to pass
Because when all the foreplay’s over and she’s taughter than a bow
She will be filled at once by both her men and allowed to let things go

Author notes

Contest entry for the Erotic Challenge 2007, from a very strange wordlist:-

leg stretcher
menag a trois
panty boy
sensory depravation