Poetry by Jeff Green


Half Moon Nights

by cricketjeff on December 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The silver glow of half a moon reflected in your eyes
        I see the stars that shine around your hair
The taste of ginger on your lips is such a sweet surprise
        The dark of night is something we can share
My arms have slipped inside your coat, your arms around me too
December night of stars and frost is warm because of you

The moon is creeping on her path and smiles to see us wrapped
        Inside a love that keeps away the cold
The stars rotate around the pole and know that we are trapped
        Within the grip of passions rich and old
Your lips and mine are locked tonight your eyes are wide and deep
In bitter cold this winter’s night it’s much to warm to sleep

The moon now dons a silken mask and hides her pretty face
      The stars decide it’s time for them to go
But you and I still stand as one we’re frozen into place
      Our love is still the evening’s greatest show
We start to walk but cannot part you are a part of me
And on this cold December night I’ll never set you free

The clouds have taken all the lights that filled this winter night
      But you and I can only see the glow
Of passion and the promise of a night of sweet delight
      In ways that only lovers ever know
The heat of love dispels the cold you take me far away
And all that I have seen tonight is in my heart to stay

Author notes

Well I guess it’s about love …