Poetry by Jeff Green


Snippets of the seventies

by cricketjeff on December 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Early morning in the kitchen baking bread and drinking tea
Writing coursework, playing hockey, dreaming late
Mott the Hoople, farmhouse cider, making friends and finding me
Couldn’t know that all my dreams would have to wait

Long hot summers, lots of lusting, playing cricket getting drunk
Learned to live but never knew where it would lead
Hair was curly, shoes had platforms lovely girls discovered punk
Safety pins and filthy jeans I didn’t need

Moody Blues, The Climax Blues band, chocolate cake and home made wine
Lots of mud, at lots of concerts, learned to drive
Chemistry, and find a girlfriend, council workers stood in line
Not a thought for those died or left alive

“I’m not in love” could start me crying other songs could get me hot
Late night dances never lead to long hot nights
Now I’m sitting reminiscing all the friends that I forgot
After school avoiding trouble watching fights

Getting laid then getting married finding love along the way
Happy days that made a youngster into me
I now wonder was it really worth the work and all the play
Just to teach this daft old codger poetry