Poetry by Jeff Green


Dreaming in circles

by cricketjeff on December 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A simple stream in summer and our toes are getting wet
As we lie down on the bank and count the clouds
A balmy breeze is blowing and we lie without regret
Far away from no you don’ts and not alloweds
And the picnic basket’s bulging with the food that we prepared
While the wine is slowly cooling in the stream
And your face is at the focus of this fantasy I’ve shared
For the way I feel about you is a dream

It’s a chilly winter evening and you’ve dashed in through the rain
Now we’ll share a drink while I rub down your hair
It’s no picnic well be sharing as we raise a glass again
And we laugh to think we’d rather be elsewhere
So we kick back on the sofa and we call upon a dream
Of a time of year when laziness is sweet
Of a sensuous summer evening by a simple cooling stream
And it seems my dream of you is now complete