Poetry by Jeff Green


Confession time (Please read the notes!!!)

by cricketjeff on December 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Why can’t you nasty lot leave me alone
I wish you wouldn’t read the things I write
I hate the way that everything’s a moan
I couldn’t give a damn about your fight

You whinge at me and think I ought to care
But really I just want the best for me
There isn’t anything I want to share
Why should I give you anything for free?

So bugger off the lot of you, you hear!
I never want to see you here again
I hope that this is making things quite clear
That other people’s problems are a pain!

I’m selfish and I hate you all you know
It’s time I put my selfishness on show!!!!!

Author notes

The prompt is to write something that will shock the contest host!

So I have written exactly the opposite of my feelings, I hope everyone knows this is not how I (cricketjeff) feel about anyone!

I couldn’t think of anything else that would shock.

I repeat I do not think this way!!!