Poetry by Jeff Green


The prizewinner

by cricketjeff on December 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Each time he came to see her he would bring a little treat
And she would bring a smile and just a kiss.
Would he have bought some jewelry or a tasty bite to eat?
He’d leave convinced that he had tasted bliss.
She never said, and tried to hide, the way to win her heart;
In dark or golden brown and sweetly filled.
The time he brought a handmade box resistance fell apart
Before she bit he knew that she was thrilled.
He didn’t leave alone that night, nor any night since then.
It took a while but he had found the key.
She can’t resist temptation, he’s the luckiest of men.
I wish this was the tale of you and me!

Author notes

I wasn’t allowed to use the word chocolate…