Poetry by Jeff Green


My Friend!!!

by cricketjeff on December 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Around about this time of year
A friend of mine has work to do
He’ll check to see your record’s clear
Then visit you

He likes to know if you’ve been good
He likes it if you help your friends
If you’ve been bad right now you should
Go make amends

Forget about the bigger stuff
It’s rather late to stop a war
But if someone has “not enough”
Go give them more

Don’t shout at children on the  bus
Don’t try to jump the check-out queue
It’s not the time to make a fuss
It’s not all you

Just lend a gentle helping hand
To keep good spirits on the go
Then things will happen as he’s planned
He’s real you know!!!

Author notes

let’s all be nice to each other for a while shall we?