Poetry by Jeff Green


The fools and the grunts

by cricketjeff on December 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s not about the killing and it’s not about the hate
It’s not about our country right or wrong
It’s not the blood that’s spilling and it’s not that fighting’s great
It’s just the way it’s been out whole lives long
We sort of think that we are right, we know we want to win
But all we’re here to do is fight, then real life can begin

Some bloody fool decided he was better than the rest
Another fool decided “isn’t so”
And now the fools that have to fight and have to pass the test
Are fools like us who’ll never bloody know
We sort of know we had a choice, we sort of think that’s right
We’d rather others had a voice, we sort of want to fight

But everyone that we can kill is just the same as us
They sort of think their country is OK
And even if the leader’s ill they wouldn’t make a fuss
If all the bloody rest would go away
They sort of know they were coerced, they sort of want a change
But just for now they’ll stand and shoot at us when we’re in range

And if we win and we will win we know we won’t bring peace
All liberators change when wars are done
The only win is in their hearts when they can find release
Until there’s peace that hasn’t yet begun
They’ll stand us for a little while then they will fight again
There’s not the time to earn a smile before we earn more pain

But we will fight while that’s the need and try to save the day
And hope the fools at last begin to learn
The grunts all know it’s mainly greed that shows the fools the way
The grunts all know that there just here to earn
There’ll always be this sort of fight with leaders killing men
And grunts who know won’t see the light till it’s too late again

Author notes

“A grunt” is a foot soldier

I do not know if this is on theme or not the video wouldn’t play