Poetry by Jeff Green


close calls

by cricketjeff on December 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

from La Vie Parisienne, Glamour Erotica, C. Herouard, artist. 1910 

She studies perfection I study her too
She sits on the well top and pretties her face
If she were to see me what is it she’d do
Just smile at me boldly or run from the place

I’m wishing my lips were now close to her lips
The mirror she stares at were something of mine
I’d tickle her fancy on my fingertips
The laughter we’d share just a hint of divine

But why is she sitting so naked and tempting?
Why have her handbag but nothing to wear?
The lippy and make-up are surely pre-empting
The usual modesty ladies prepare

There’s something about her that gives me a warning
There’s something too casual too easy too sweet
At the back of my head there is something that’s dawning
Something that says not all treats are complete

I’ll back away silently saving my life
In time I’ve remembered I don’t want a wife!